Simonae Lyles

Financial Advisor

Simonae Lyles is the Financial Advisor and co-owner of Storehouse Investments, LLC where she partners with her husband, Robert, to provide a holistic approach to financial planning and servicing for individuals, families, and businesses.   She believes there is no cookie cutter financial plan for every individual, family, or business.  She believes that every individual, family, and business is unique; therefore, a personalized approach and plan is essential when matching clients with the right financial solution.

Simonae has over 10 years of experience in the financial service industry and holds her CRPC designation, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor.  Simonae attended Westminster College where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Accounting.   She also has a Master of Business Administration from Geneva College.  She began her career in banking with Huntington National Bank, then Sky Bank.  She enjoyed building relationships with her clients and eventually transitioned into the investing industry with the same banking institution and clients continuing to build her relationships.  Simonae eventually decided to advance her career and accepted the position as a Financial Advisor for MetLife Resources with responsibility of servicing 19 school district retirement plans.  As her experience and family grew, Simonae decided she wanted to continue helping clients reach their financial goals with planning and investing; however, she wanted to be more personalized and have more control.  Simonae started her first financial practice, Williams-Cleaveland Financial in 2013.  Williams-Cleaveland Financial was a sister company for Williams-Cleaveland Company.  In 2019, Simonae closed Williams-Cleaveland Financial to partner with her husband Robert and establish Storehouse Investments, LLC.  

Simonae is very active in her community where she serves as an officer on the YMCA Board of Directors, Board Member of the Lawrence Community Foundation, and a Minister in her local church, Prevailing Word World Outreach Center.  

Simonae loves her family and has 6 children with her husband, Robert.

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